Feel on top of the world! At one of the only hotels in Denver with a rooftop pool, you will enjoy an unbelievable view of the Denver skyline and the Colorado Rocky Mountains while relaxing in the sun. 
The space is designed to be anything you want it to be: urban observatory, cantina, or upscale bar.
Regardless of how you choose to see this open-air playground, the experience won’t be complete without a craft cocktail from our rooftop bar. With your drink at hand, retire into the many conversations enclaves and lounging opportunities that await you.

Dip your toes and socialize at one of the only hotels in Denver with a rooftop pool. Let your stress melt away in the hot tub, and then immerse yourself in refreshing pool water. Reserve a private cabana and sink into plush seating, or grab a seat on our sprawling community couches.
Those that arrive at sunset will enjoy a special treat. As the sun falls behind the jagged mountain range to the west, the vibrant colors will astound you in a fleeting moment of natural luxury.
As a guest at Halcyon, the rooftop pool and bar is your chance to escape from it all — all without leaving the hotel. 


West Deck is the perfect place for cocktail hours and networking events. Contact us for details, at


Monday through Sunday
8am to 8pm

Halcyon Hotel Cherry Creek