Gear Garage

Your Denver Adventure Awaits

Gear Garage at Halcyon is a unique amenity specifically for guests who are looking to have a full Colorado experience during their stay. It is filled with a selection of hand-picked gadgets and kits, specially curated for an adventure into the outdoors. Buzz to downtown on a Vespa, borrow a bike, or cruise around Cherry Creek on a Halcyon long board. Adventure packs are fully stocked to take with you on a nice picnic in the sun, or hiking up your first 14er. Use the Leica camera to capture beautiful memories. Your Colorado adventure awaits at HALCYON, a hotel in Cherry Creek!

Halcyon Vespas

Buzz around Cherry Creek North, or speed to downtown Halcyon’s customized Vespas. Made famous by Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, the vespas encourage Halcyon guests to explore their Denver holiday in easy style.

New Belgium Cruiser Bikes

Cruise around the neighborhood or take a joy ride to one of Denver’s many parks on one of New Belgium’s signature Cruiser Bikes. Ask one of our Halcyon Hosts for a map to navigate your way to Washington Park, Cheeseman Park, or even City Park.

Stromer E-Bikes

The Stromer e-bike is the world's first digitally connected e-bike. Take one of our e-bikes on a long ride along the Cherry Creek Trail, or cruise through the neighborhood. 


Created on the beaches of California, the Hamboard is meant to feel like surfing on wheels. Unleash the beach in Denver's Cherry Creek North neighborhood on the closed thing you can get to waves in Colorado.

KOTA Longboards

Made in Colorado, our custom Halcyon KOTA Longboards are handcrafted out of American Hard Rock Maple from the rich forests of Wisconsin. The Halcyon Longboards are perfect for a joy ride through Cherry Creek one of 300 days of sunshine in Colorado .

Adventure Kits

Explore the great outdoors while at Halcyon! A Halcyon Host will outfit you with a Osprey Backpack that includes a Go Pro, binoculars, Swiss army knife, Bear naked bars, and bottled water.  Take on the Colorado wilderness like a pro!

Leica Camera

For more than 100 years, photographers have captured the world through the Leica lens. Take in your surroundings via the black and white film of this vintage camera. After an afternoon behind the viewfinder, leave you’re undeveloped film with a Halcyon Host. We’ll develop your photos and ship them home to you.

Go Pros

Have an epic adventure planned while at Halcyon? Capture it on one of the hotel’s Go Pros! Film an epic powder day in the nearby Rocky Mountains or create your own short film from the streets of Cherry Creek.

Board Games

On a crisp Colorado night, cozy up by the fireplace and play board games with family and friends. Choose from classic games like Monopoly, Clue, Chess, Cribbage, Scrabble, and Backgammon.

Halcyon Vinyl

We have an ever-expanding selection of vinyl records. Borrow your favorite and enjoy the vibes in the comfort of your guest room.

Other Items

Does the Colorado weather leave you feeling chilled? We’ve stocked Gear Garage full of Colorado necessities like jackets from Arc’teryx, gloves and hats from Eddie Bauer.

Gear Garage Rental Request

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Terms and Conditions

All items from Gear Garage are subject to availabilty. Items are not guarenteed until confirmed with a Halcyon Host. A valid driver’s license will be required at the time of rental. All Gear Garage rentals are subject to weather conditions. Must be 18 to rent items from Gear Garage.

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